Pre-Appointment Restrictions

(60 Days Prior) DO NOT get a chemical peel 

(28 Days Prior) DO NOT get a botox treatment 

(7 Days Prior) DO NOT tan or have a sunburn

DO NOT pluck, wax, tint, thread, or apply any hair removal

DO NOT use Retinols/Retin-A or other anti-aging/acen creams

DO NOT apply on eyebrows any serums containing acids

(48 Hours Prior) DO NOT take aspirin, ibuprofen, niacin, vitamin E, fish oil (mega-3) or CoQ10

(24 Hours Prior) DO NOT drink alcohol or caffeine 


Eyebrows Makeup


Keep clean and dry, do not touch your eyebrows! They may feel tender and appear a little red.

DAY 1-3

Brows will start developing a thin layer of scab, continue keeping your brows dry and clean.


Apply rice gran amount of aftercare ointment  on each eyebrow with a cotton swab and clean hands, spread a VERY THIN layer of the ointment across the treated area every morning and night. Brows should not appear greasy, glossy or shiny, if so you used too much, as this can suffocate the skin and delay healing. Never apply ointment on wet damp tattoo. Continue ointment until your brows are no longer scabbing.

DAY 14+

Brows are safe from water. Client may return to normal skincare routines. Brows will appear very light, after scabs comes off, every week up to 6 weeks color will continue to surface and brows will get darker again.

DAY 28-42

Your brows are healed and you're feeling unstoppable!!!!

Maintaining your brows

A new set of Microbladed eyebrows takes two appointments to complete and for that reason your 6-8 weeks touchup appointment is complementary. After the complementary appointment we recommended a yearly touchup to maintain the crispness and freshness of your brows. However, we do offer different touchup schedules because everyone experiences the fading process differently and may need to get a touchup sooner than one year. 

*All touchup prices are deteremined by calculating the time since your last paid appointment

(which included any paid touchup appointment)

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